Dr. Abdul Haqq Walid is the official physician and pathologist of the Folly. He specialises in cryptopathology. When he's not helping out on magical business he works at the UCH (University College Hospital, a teaching hospital based in London) as a world-renowned gastroenterologist. He also operates as a personal physician to both Peter and Nightingale.

He's described as a spry, gingery man in his fifties, who speaks with a soft Highland accent.

Personality Edit

He has a dry sense of humour, laced with self-mockery. Dr. Walid is a very intelligent man, who, like Peter, is interested in the science behind the magic, encouraging him to do experiments and documenting the outcomes. He has invented and/or repurposed several words to describe magical conditions, like 'hyperthaumaturgical degradation' (the thing that kills you if you do too much magic) and 'sequestration' (when a normal human being gets taken over by a ghost).

Dr. Walid describes himself as 'a civilian advisor with a bit of esoteric expertise'.

Past Edit

Born in Scotland, Dr. Walid moved to London and converted to Islam at some point in his adult life.

In Rivers of London, Dr. Walid tells Peter he's been aware of the existence of magic for thirty years.

Present Edit

This part contains spoilers for all of the books. You have been warned.

Rivers of London Edit

Peter visits Dr. Walid in his office at the UCH. His office is described as "an awkwardly narrow room with a window at the thin end and shelves covering the entire length of both long walls. Every surface was piled with folders, professional journals and reference books."

Moon Over Soho Edit

Whispers Underground Edit

Broken Homes Edit

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Walid's musical taste is described as 'strictly prog rock and the nineteenth-century romantics'.

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