Albert Woodville-Gentle (AKA the Faceless Man, Mark 1) was a practitioner, trained at Oxford University by Geoffrey Wheatcroft. He himself trained the second Faceless Man.[1] During his time as a notorious London criminal he was known for his radical approach dealing when dealing with potential opposition in the most brutal and cruel ways.[2]

Helena Linden-Limmer believed she killed him in 1979.[3] Which is perhaps the time he became inactive.[4]

He ran a seedy club in London, which was later run by the Faceless Man. Peter Grant called the club the Strip Club of Doctor Moreau.[5]

After he had a stroke he was cared for by Varvara Sidorovna. After his death his body was found within a building site of the Elizabeth Line (a part of the Crossrail).[6]


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