Ambrose House (called, much to Nightingale's dismay, Hogwarts by Peter Grant) was a school for boys from families with strong magical traditions. Thomas Nightingale went there.

The Folly still owns the school, but since it closed after WWII much of the estate is rented to local farmers. The rent from the farmers pay for the maintenance.[1]

The copy of Principia Artes Magicis found in Jason Dunlop's home belonged to the library at Ambrose House.[2]

Confirmed former studentsEdit

  • Champers
  • Rupert "Lazy Arse Dance" Dance
  • Horace Greenway (died during the Battle of Crete)
  • Thomas Nightingale
  • Pascal
  • Sandy
  • Donny Shanks (survived the siege of Leningrad, but later got torpedoed)
  • Smithy (died at Dieppe)
  • Geoffrey Wheatcroft


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