Beverley Brook is the Genius loci of the river with the same name.[1]

A confident, spirited, intelligent young woman, physically attractive. She likes smart cars, especially Nightingale’s Jaguar, and carries a mobile phone in a waterproof case. 

She is currently a student at Queen Mary University of London reading Environmental Science.[2]


She had been in a relationship with Peter Grant since the events in Foxglove Summer.

She seems to know Molly. She was half of the hostage exchange, after the events with Henry Pyke, made to ensure peace between Mother and Father Thames as Beverley went to live with Father Thames and Ash went to live in the city. The exchange took place on Midsummer's eve, at Runnymede.

During the Covent Garden riot she was able to control water in nearby fire hydrants.[3]

When she joined Peter Grant in the search for two missing girls, she was 20 years old.[4]

Her original, human form was found floating in the brook by the Kingston Vale dual carriageway.[5]


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