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Black Mould is a graphic novel about Peter Grant written by Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel, consisting of five comic books. It is illustrated by Lee Sullivan and coloured by Luis Guerrero.

The events take place between Foxglove Summer and The Hanging Tree.



Peter's colleague, Muslim ninja and possible trusty sidekick, Sahra Guleed, has discovered a mould problem in the house of a friend. But what at first seems just a virulent fungus takes a far darker turn when the mould attacks Guleed, piquing Peter's interest and suggesting something far more dangerous...

Black Mould #1 (Breaking the Mould)Edit

Black Mould #2 (Rumble in the Fungal)Edit

Black Mould #3 (Forcible Eviction)Edit

Black Mould #4Edit

Black Mould #5Edit

List of returning charactersEdit

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