British Police Officers

The Metropolitan Police Service (AKA The Met)Edit

Borough of BromleyEdit

Bromley Murder TeamEdit

Borough of SouthwarkEdit

Walworth nickEdit

Borough of WestminsterEdit

Charing Cross nickEdit

West End CentralEdit

Located on Saville Row

Westminster Murder TeamEdit

Located at the Belgravia Police Station AKA Belgravia nick

  • PC Peter Grant, shares a desk here with Carey and Guleed.
  • DC Fergus Ryan[8]

The FollyEdit

AKA The Special Assessment Unit

Counter Terrorism CommandEdit

Department of Professional Standard Edit

Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch Edit

Unknown departmentEdit

Other Territorial police forcesEdit

Norfolk ConstabularyEdit


Sussex PoliceEdit

Northgate Police Station (AKA Crawley nick) Edit

Thames Valley PoliceEdit

Amersham nickEdit

Wexham Lea/CentralEdit

West Mercia PoliceEdit

Hereford CIDEdit

Other branchesEdit

British Transport PoliceEdit


  1. Broken Homes
  2. Broken Homes
  3. Rivers of London
  4. Rivers of London
  5. Detective Stories
  6. Moon over Soho
  7. Moon Over Soho
  8. The Hanging Tree
  9. Whispers Under Ground
  10. The Hanging Tree
  11. The Hanging Tree
  12. The Domestic
  13. Detective Stories
  14. The Home Crowd Advantage
  15. The Furthest Station
  16. Moon Over Soho
  17. Moon Over Soho
  18. Broken Homes
  19. Broken Homes
  20. The Furthest Station
  21. The Furthest Station
  22. Detective Stories
  23. Foxglove Summer
  24. Foxglove Summer
  25. Foxglove Summer
  26. Foxglove Summer
  27. Foxglove Summer
  28. Whispers Under Ground