Wizards and witches and other practitioners trained in British magical custom, officially and unofficially. (Apprentice are marked with an §)


Main PresentEdit

Minor PresentEdit


Little CrocodilesEdit

The Sons of WeylandEdit

The Sons of Weyland is/was a Manchester based group of wizards.[17]


  1. Foxglove Summer
  2. The Hanging Tree
  3. The Hanging Tree
  4. Broken Homes
  5. Detective Stories
  6. Foxglove Summer
  7. Moon Over Soho
  8. Moon Over Soho
  9. Moon Over Soho
  10. Foxglove Summer
  11. Broken Homes
  12. Moon Over Soho
  13. Moon Over Soho
  14. Moon Over Soho
  15. Moon Over Soho
  16. Whispers Under Ground
  17. Broken Homes

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