Before the Folly became a part of the Met[1], each English county was connected to a specific practitioner (known as a County Practitioner).[2] They took care of magical 'problems' that the local authorities couldn't handle.[3]

The County Practitioners kept records of all their cases (Incident Books[4]) and sent them[5], or a formal report of them[6], to the Folly[7], at the end of every calendar year[8]. The Folly, in turn, didn't manage to arrange them in any logical order or cross reference them.[9]

Known County Practitioners (by county) Edit


  1. The Furthest Station
  2. Foxglove Summer
  3. Night Witch
  4. Foxglove Summer
  5. Night Witch
  6. Foxglove Summer
  7. Night Witch
  8. The Furthest Station
  9. Night Witch
  10. Foxglove Summer
  11. The Furthest Station
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