Detective Stories is a graphic novel about Peter Grant written by Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel, consisting of four comic books. It is illustrated by Lee Sullivan, coloured by Luis Guerrero, letters by Rob Steen.

The framing device is Peter Grant's Detective examination. The four different comic books describing separate events during take place at different times through Peter's eventful career.


The graphic novel was first published in four separate parts, and was later collected into one volume.

  • Part 1: Magic Circle
  • Part 2: Old Soldiers
  • Part 3: Cry Me A River
  • Part 4: States of Mind

Plot Edit

  • Part 1: An investigation of goat cruelty on top of a tower block.
  • Part 2: A break-in at Apseley House, leaving (not stealing) an extra Goya behind.
  • Part 3: A ghost wants a murder cold-case re-opened. His own.
  • Part 4: Peter's first case, on probation, whilst patrolling with Lesley May. A flasher near Covent Garden.

List of returning charactersEdit

List of characters introduced in this story Edit

Tales from... Edit

After the main story, in the first two individual comics, one-page comics are included. The subtitles are:

  • Tales from the Borderlands - High and Dry (starring Denzil & Henrietta)
  • Tales from Soho - Ghosts (starring Nightingale)

Other Extras... Edit

After the main story, in the individual comics, some multiple-page illustrated articles are included. Their subtitles are:

  • Piffle: A Spotter's Guide by Professor Harold Postmartin, DPHIL, FRS, FHSW - The Hastings Manuscript
  • The Prodigious Flowering of Rage - The Art of Francisco Goya
  • Slough - Gateway to the West
  • Peelers - A very brief History of the Met

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