Ettersberg was the location (in Germany) for a large battle during World War II on the 19th of January 1945.[1] Thomas Nightingale was present at the battle, as was Hugh Oswald.[2]

The large and historical concentration camp of Buchenwald was located in the Forest of Ettersberg and the camp was originally designated KZ Ettersberg. The Forest of Ettersberg is located just north of Weimar, with the memorial of the concentration camp in the middle.[3]

Operation Spatchcock Edit

While at Ettersberg, British wizards performed Operation Spatchcock. Nightingale was against it from the beginning. The goal of the operation was to get hold of the German practitioners' magic research material, both for British gain, but also so that the Russians, the French or the Americans could not get hold of it. The material (later called the Black Library) was stored by the Germans in a bunker near the town of Ettersberg during the war.[4]

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