...but I can't remember his face.

The Faceless Man (AKA the Faceless Man, Mark 2, Faceless One[1]) is the name that Peter Grant and Nightingale gave to the ethically-challenged practitioner, before they discovered his true identity during the investigation of the events at One Hyde Park.[2] He is seen as the Folly's most dangerous adversary by PC Grant and Inspector Nightingale.

He received his magical education by Albert Woodville-Gentle (the first Faceless Man) and uses a number of companies to cover up his activities[3], including County Gard[4], The Strip Club of Doctor Moreau[5] and The Chestnut Tree.[6] He has been active since the mid 1990s.[7]

He blew up the Skygarden Tower and the Stadtkrone.[8]

Magical powersEdit

At one point he used his powers to influence Simone Fitzwilliam and her "sisters".[9]


He seems to know Geoffrey Wheatcroft and Jason Dunlop personally, as he calls them Jeffers and Grippers respectively.[10]


Murder victimsEdit


His identity is revealed in The Hanging Tree.


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