Fae is a term used to describe people who are not entirely human. It more or less means different.[1] Zachary Palmer seems to use both the term fae and the term fairy interchangeably.[2]

Nightingale said it was used in a way that resembles how we use the terms foreigner or barbarian.

The Fair Folk Edit

The Fair Folk (or high fae or elves) are, according to old literature, a type of fae connected with unicorns. Unlike other fae they appear to live in another dimension, parallel to our own world. They are known to kidnap children.[3] Probably the kind that kidnapped Nicole Lacey and Hannah Marstowe.

They avoid the old Roman roads.[4]

Falloy Edit

According to Joseph Malzeard a Falloy is half human, one eighth unseelie fae and three eighth seelie fae.[5]

People called fae (or part fae)Edit

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