Father Thames aka Baba Thames. According to Mother Thames, when he was a young man he too stood on London Bridge and made a promise to the river.

Ruling the Thames inland of Teddington Lock, he is a peripatetic spirit inhabiting the Thames Valley. Around the Spring equinox he holds court at Tewkesury Mead, the source of the river. A short figure with a pinched face, beaked nose and heavy brow, he looks a vigorous  seventy years of age. He dresses like a travelling showman and, like Mother Thames, has an alluring glamour, redolent with beer, skittles, horse manure and walking home from the pub by moonlight; his power comes from the earth and weather. His language is a form of ancient British, a previous incarnation being the Romano-British priest named Tiberius Claudius Verica, also referred to as the Old Man of the River. He moved out of the City of London, abandoning the tidal regions, after the Great Stink of 1858 killed his sons: TyburnFleet and Effra.

Before becoming Father ThamesEdit

Before becoming Father Thames he was a Pre-Roman priest with the name Tiberius Claudius Verica.[1]

Sons Edit


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