Fleet is the Genius loci of the River Fleet. She is the daughter of Mama Thames. She looks like she's in her 30's, and is said to be built like a sprinter with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. [1] According to Beverley Brook, Fleet is married to a fae and has got "like a gazillion foster kids".[2] The children are adopted.[3]

She has many dogs, and the captain of her dogs is a border collie called Ziggy.[4]

She has, or appears, on a show on Radio 4 reviewing art exhibitions.[5]

Before becoming FleetEdit

Before becoming Fleet, her children had gone to the same school as Peter Grant.[6] It's unsure if these are the children Beverley talked about.

The earlier FleetEdit

Before the Great Stink in 1858 there was a son of Father Thames called Fleet, who perished in a flood of filth and muck.

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