Henry Pyke AKA. Nicholas Wallpenny is a revenant reenacting the actions of Punch. He was a failed actor in the 18th Century, and was possibly killed by Charles Macklin.[1]

He influenced people to do his evils (as they are told in The Tragical Comedy, or Comical Tragedy, of Punch and Judy):

  • He made Toby, the dog, bite Brandon Coopertowns nose.
  • He made Brandon Coopertown kill William Skirmish, his own wife and his infant child.
  • He made the cycle courier Derek Shampwell kick dr. Framline in the face at the UCLH and later made the doctor attack a cycle courier.
  • He made Michael Smith, a former crack addict and now a Hare Krishna, beat Gurcan Tamiz to death with a large cow bell.
  • He almost made Lesley May hang Peter Grant on stage at the Royal Opera House

"Minor incidents" he influenced people to do:

  • He made Celia Munroe attack a cashier, mr. Ranatunga, at a cinema. This may have been caused by ripple effect, according to Lesley May.
  • He made the manager at Urban Outfitters in Covent Garden attack a costumer who was using his mobile phone while being served.

References Edit

  1. Rivers of London

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