Hugh Oswald Tower

Hugh Oswald's tower in Herefordshire.

Hugh Oswald is a hedge wizard, formerly employed by the Folly. He fought at Antwerp and Ettersberg during World War II. After the war he retired to the countryside and became a beekeeper. He lives near Wylde in Herefordshire. He gave his staffs to Peter Grant.[1]

He has one son[2], and is the grandfather of Mellissa Oswald.[3]

Hugh Oswald's library Edit

Hugh Oswals has a large private library in his home. Some of the books are:

  • A copy of the book Folklore of Herefordshire by Ella Mary Leather, probably stolen from Gloucester City Library.[4]
  • His copy of The History of Ludlow, by Thomas Wright Esq., is stolen from the Bodleian Library.[5]
  • A Survey of Significant Locations in England and Whales by Henry Boatwright.[6]
  • Barnaby Atkins' Incident books, from his time as County Practitioner.[7]

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