A list of books mentioned by Peter Grant and others.


Ella Mary LeatherEdit

  • Folklore of Herefordshire

Richard Maller Edit

  • Über die Grundlagen Dass die Praxis der Magié Zugrunde Léigen (On the Fundamentals that Underlies the Practice of Magic or About the Basics that the Practice of Magic Reference Lies). Published in 1799 in Weimar, Germany.[1]

Joseph Malzeard:Edit

  • On the Natural Order of the Unnatural

Sir Isaac Newton:Edit

John Polidori:Edit

  • An Investigation of Unnatural Deaths in London in the Years 1768-1810

Jonathan WildEdit

  • Jonathan Wild's final ledger

Samuel Erasmus Wolfe:Edit

  • Exotica
  • The Role of Magic in Inducing Pseudo Lamarckian Inheritance

Unknown authorEdit

  • Wegen der Industriellen Nutzung von Magié (Towards the Industrial Use of Magic)[3]


  1. Broken Homes
  2. The Hanging Tree
  3. Broken Homes

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