A list of books mentioned by Peter Grant and others.

Jules Barbey d'AurevillyEdit

  • An authority among eccentric naturalists (only available in French)[1]
  • Histroire Insolite et Secrete des Ponts de Paris[2]

Victor BartholomewEdit

  • ... wrote "the book" on dealing with ghosts and revenants[3]
  • An anthology of his works on spirits was published in the 1920s[4]

Henry BoatrightEdit

  • A Survey of Significant Locations in England and Wales - a vestigium survey of Earthworks and Ancient Monuments.[5]

Lucius (Peter?) BrockEdit

Méric CasaubonEdit

  • On Credulity and Incredulity in Things natural, civil and divine[7]
  • A true and faithful relation of what passed for many years between Dr John Dee and Some Spirits[8]

John CartwrightEdit

  • Essays on the Metaphysical[9]


Charles KingsleyEdit

  • On Fairies and Their Abodes[11] (with illustrations by Edward Linley Sambourne)[12]

Ella Mary LeatherEdit

  • Folklore of Herefordshire[13]

Richard MallerEdit

  • Über die Grundlagen Dass die Praxis der Magié Zugrunde Léigen (On the Fundamentals that Underlies the Practice of Magic (According tho Nightingale or About the Basics that the Practice of Magic Reference Lies). Published in 1799 in Weimar, Germany.[14]

Joseph MalzeardEdit

  • On the Natural Order of the Unnatural[15]

Sir Isaac NewtonEdit

John PolidoriEdit

  • An Investigation of Unnatural Deaths in London in the Years 1768-1810
  • Meditations on the Matter of Life and Death

Richard SpruceEdit

  • The Persistence of Phantasmagoria in Yorkshire[17]

Jonathan WildEdit

Samuel Erasmus WolfeEdit

  • Exotica[19]
  • The Role of Magic in Inducing Pseudo Lamarckian Inheritance [20]

Unknown authorEdit

  • Wegen der Industriellen Nutzung von Magié (Towards the Industrial Use of Magic)[21]


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