London Underground or the Tube is a public transport system in London. The British Transport Police has the jurisdiction in the Underground. Jaget Kumar is one of their employees.[1]

Besides being The Irregulars' bass player, Max Harwood also was an integrated systems specialist for London Underground.[2]

The Underground was partly constructed by Irish navvies. Some of them discovered the Quiet People, and became part of their settlement.[3]


Events taking place in the UndergroundEdit

  • Mr. Punch communicated with Peter Grant, using passengers in the overcrowded Underground carriage Grant travelled in.[8]
  • The killing of James Gallagher at the Baker Street tube station.[9]
  • The death of Richard Lewis at Paddington Station.[10]
  • Chelsea and Olympia organised a rave near the Holland Park tube station.[11]
  • Peter Grant got stuck under one of the platforms at Oxford Circus.[12]
  • Ghost sightings along the Metropolitan Line.[13]
  • Graham Beale's brother who worked as a civil engineer on the Crossrail. He died in a, what it officially was ruled to be, workplace accident. Peter thought that perhaps the Faceless Man was behind it.[14] (strictly not part of the London Underground system)
  • The body of the deceased Albert Woodville-Gentle was found within a building site of the Elizabeth Line.[15] (strictly not part of the London Underground system)

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