Ghost Edit

The spirits of the deceased, who become attached to the vestigium of a certain area and can live off vestigia or magic.[1] For a place to be haunted by a ghost it generally needs to be older than 30 years, so the level of vestigia is high enough. For a place to have a poltergeist it needs to be older than that.[2]

Peter Grant encountered the ghost of a graffiti artist (Macky) in a train tunnel. Macky had died, being hit by a train.[3]

Revenant Edit

An avenging spirit or ghost who returns from the dead for revenge. A “ghost vampire” who lives off the magical force of others.[4]

Troll Edit

Trolls usually want to live on riverbanks, preferably on places overshadowed by stone or brick.[5] For instance Nathaniel, a troll who acts as a police informant, lives under the arches of Richmond Bridge, having moved there from Hungerford Bridge.[6]

Vampire Edit

They are anti-life, or Tactus disvitae. Vampires feed off the magic potential, including the vestigia, of their surroundings and of living creatures.[7]

Jazz vampire Edit

As other vampires, jazz vampires lives of energy. In this case the energy comes from jazz musicians.[8]

Genius loci Edit

A Genius loci is the spirit of a certain place.[9]

River Spirit Edit

Genius loci of a river.[10]

Canal SpiritEdit

These differs from River Spirits according to Tyburn and Fleet.[11]


He of the Forest. Genius loci of a forest.[12]

Fae Edit

A fae is a collective term, almost like foreigner or barbarian.[13]


Zachary Palmer claimed to have seen a unicorn in Epping Forest once, as a child. Peter Grant was not sure if it was true or not.[14] Nicole Lacey had an invisible friend, Princess Luna, who was some kind of unicorn.[15]

Possibly magical creatures Edit

Fox Edit

While investigating the railway tunnels under a school Abigail met a talking fox, who told her to tell her friends "they're on the wrong side of the river".[16] At the Spring Court Abigail was cornered by a white man, called Reynard (the French word for fox is renard), who was wearing a red hunting jacket, camouflage trousers, Dr Martens boots and a t-shirt with an anti-foxhunting print. He was short, had a triangular face, sharp white teeth, rust-coloured hair and hazel eyes flecked with gold.[17]

Two foxes talked to Abigail at the marshalling yard near Wembley Park, deliberately allowing themselves to be overheard by Peter.[18] Either they are very well travelled or another pair of similar foxes (Denzil?, Henrietta?) live in Herefordshire,[19] where they have talked with Dominic Croft.[20]

Mermaid Edit

When Peter Grant first encountered a Genius loci, he asked Nightingale if it was a mermaid. His response: "That wasn't a mermaid", made Peter say: "So there are such things as mermaids". To this Nightingale only answered: "Focus, Peter, one thing at a time".[21]

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