Mama Thames aka Mother Thames. The Goddess of the River Thames, she takes the appearence of a middle-aged, Nigerian woman.

Mother Thames is magnificent, impeccably and resplendently dressed -  Austrian lace, braided hair and a head-dress of Portugese beads. Her figure is generous, she has perfect skin, full, dark lips and cat-shaped eyes. Her power comes from the sea and from the port and she has an attractive, almost irresistible, supernatural glamour which evokes the smell of salt water and coffee, diesel and bananas, chocolate and fish guts.

She holds court East of the White Tower in a converted warehouse, just short of the Shadwell Basin, the interior of which is maintained with a hot, tropical atmosphere, including a living mangrove tree, growing into the carpet below and the ceiling above. All the musicians of London, especially the jazz and bluesmen, belong to her, so she claims.

Before becoming Mama ThamesEdit

As a human she was a Nigerian woman, who had come to London in 1957 to become a nurse. After being dumped by her fiancé she committed suicide by jumping off London Bridge, as the river itself called to her.[1]

Daughters Edit


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