Molly is the housekeeper at the Folly.

Past Edit

Life at the Folly Edit

Since coming to the Folly, Molly only takes two days off per year, when the clocks change for daylight saving time, which she spends in her room. She has a liking for raw meat, has pointed teeth (and a tendency to cover her mouth when it is open) and gets on well with Toby the dog. She can perform Haemomancy and was able to transport Peter Grant back in time for his encounter with Henry Pyke.[1]

Molly never speaks; the only sound she makes is a rhythmic, hissing sound when she laughs. She appears as a silent figure, dressed as an Edwardian maid, gliding silently between the rooms of the Folly, although she can move with incredible speed at times. Her cookery skills are legendary but not always enjoyable although she seems to be trying hard to improve them. She seems to care greatly for Nightingale.


References Edit

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  2. The Hanging Tree, page 322.

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