Nicky is the Genius loci of the River Neckinger. Her appearance is that of a young child. Effra and Oberon seem to be looking after her.

Her river joins the Thames via St Saviour’s Dock and continues underneath Bermondsey Square, through the Elephant & Castle area, finishing up behind the Imperial War Museum.[1]

Sky Edit

She is a close friend of Sky. Her river also runs through the Elephant and Castle area where Skygarden is located.

Peter Grant suspects that she drowned Martin Brown on land as vengeance for Sky's death.[2]

Other details Edit

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During the events of Broken Homes Nicky is described as wearing striped pirate pajamas.[3]

Her clothing and vestigia hint at the Neckinger's past. Until the 18th century, Thames pirates were executed near the mouth of the river's inlet.[1]

No information on her predecessor, a son of Father Thames, has been provided. He likely died around the same time as William of Tyburn due to the industrial pollution of the Victorian era. The area around St Saviour's Dock was notoriously squalid and described as "The very capital of cholera" and "The Venice of drains" in 1849.[1]


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