Night Witch is a graphic novel about Peter Grant written by Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel, consisting of five comic books. It is illustrated by Lee Sullivan and coloured by Luis Guerrero, with letters by Rob Steen.

The events take place after Foxglove Summer.[1]

Night witch


The graphic novel was first published in five separate parts, and the whole story was later collected into one volume.

  • Part 1: The Jump
  • Part 2: Home Invasion
  • Part 3: Roxanne
  • Part 4: Loco Parentis
  • Part 5: Sacrifices

Plot Edit

The daughter of Russian tycoon Nestor Yakunin has been kidnapped, apparently by a Leshy, a creature from the forests of his homeland - a long way from Kent where the kidnapping occured.

List of returning charactersEdit

List of characters introduced in this story Edit

Tales from... Edit

After the main story, in the complete volume, five one-page comics are included. Four of them share the collected title Tales from the Folly, and one is called Tales from West London. The subtitles are:

  • Tales from the Folly - General vodka (starring Nightingale)
  • Tales from the Folly - These aren't the Gods you're Looking for (starring Nicky)
  • Tales from the Folly - Hawk in London (starring Nightingale)
  • Tales from West London - Carnival Fireworks (starring Varvara)
  • Tales from the Folly - Community Worship (starring Maksim)

Other Extras... Edit

After the main story, in the individual comics, some multiple-page illustrated articles on the making of the comics and their creators are included. Their subtitles are: