Wizards and witches and other practitioners trained in non-British magical custom. Since they had other training than the British wizards, many of them used non-Newtonian spells.

China (including Taiwan) Edit

Mao killed most practitioners in China in the 1950s.

The Folly and Chinatown in London have an agreement. They (those active in Chinatown) don't scare the horses, and the Folly doesn't go there asking questions[1]

  • Madame Teng[2]
  • Michael Cheung - "the new guy in Chinatown".[3] It is not known if he is a Chinese or British citizen, but since he is based in Chinatown it could be assumed that he uses the Chinese magic regardless if he's a British citizen or not.


The AcademyEdit

  • Maurice Guillaume[4]
  • Antonin Bobet[5]


According to Nightingale, the Germans were experts in combining conventional weapons with magical ones.[6]

Abteilung KDAEdit

Thomas Winter is an employee of Abteilung KDA. In 2012 he was asked by the Chief if he'd ever considered learning magic.[7],

Bibliotheca AlbaEdit


Lady Helena Linden-Limmer searched for an indigenous magic tradition in India in the late 1960s, but couldn't find any. Although she claimed that she got a strong sense that something was going on under the surface. Since she didn't know about the river spirits in London by that time, she didn't investigate the rivers of India any further.[8]

Russia/Sovjet UnionEdit

Nochnye KoldunyiEdit


It is known that Vikings had a magical tradition. The Vikings developed the Demon traps.[10]

United States of AmericaEdit

According to Nightingale, American wizards weren't very subtile. So if there were any American practitioners working in the UK, Nightingale would have known about it.

The Virtuous MenEdit

A group of practitioners from the University of Pennsylvania called themselves The Virtuous Men. They volunteered from the start of WWII.[11] The Virtuous Men consisted of about 100 men, and worked alongside the Folly in WWII from 1940 and forwards. They were also called The Printer's Men.[12]

The Virgina Gentleman's Company Edit

A group of US American Wizards that joined the allied war efforts after the Virtuous Men and operated mostly out of Istanbul. They were nicknamed The Virgins.[13] They use Newtonian magic.[14]

Since 2005 the Virginians operate as a private military contractor under the name Alderman Technical Solutions. They were involved in the Iraq War.[15]

Known membersEdit

  • Dean Miller AKA Crew Cut
  • Ted or Teddy


Lady Helena Linden-Limner's mother developed her magic abilities during her youth in Kenya.[16] It is not known if this included any local magic traditions.


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