The names of different police operations. Many of them are Falcon related.

Operation Carthorse Edit

Trying to apprehend Lesley May.[1]

Operation Cartwheel Edit

The Jason Dunlop murder case.[2]

Operation Manticore Edit

The search for Hannah Marstowe and Nicole Lacey. It was headed by DCI David Windrow.[3]

Operation Marigold Edit

The case of the death of Christina Chorley.[4]

Operation Matchbox Edit

Investigating the death of James Gallagher.[5]

Operation Sallic Edit

The investigation of Robert Weil, and the woman he supposedly murdered. It was headed by DCI Douglas Manderly. The case was closed when mr. Weil pleaded guilty to killing and burying an unknown woman. [6]

Operation Tinker Edit

The investigation of the murder of Patrick Mulkern. It was headed by DCI Maureen Duffy.[7] It took place in the spring of 2013.[8]

Operation Turquoise Edit

The William Skirmish murder.[9]

Operation Wentworth Edit

The bombing of Skygarden Tower.[10]

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