Richard Grant (AKA Lord Grant[1]) is the father of Peter Grant and husband of Rose.[2] He has been a prominent Jazz Trumpeter in London since the 1970s, but has not managed to become widely famous or prosperous from his music.

He currently plays Jazz with the Lord Grant's Irregulars and has established a presence in the Demi-monde music scene as well as the general London music scene.[3]

Jazz Career Edit

Early Training Edit

When Richard was 12 years old his music teacher gifted him a second-hand trumpet and paid out of his own pocket for trumpet lessons. By fifteen years old Richard had quit school and become a delivery boy in Soho while looking for music gigs.[1] When Richard was 18 years old Ray Charles heard him play at the Flamingo club and said:

Lord but that boy can play
- Ray Charles in reference to Richard Grant.[1]

Because of this Tubby Hayes began calling Richard 'Lord Grant' as a joke and nickname.

Mid-Life Edit

Few details have been revealed about Richard's life from his 20-60s.

  • He met and married Rose sometime during the 1970s.
  • At one point, when he was younger, he encountered a jazz vampire called Simone Fitzwilliam. He survived, but suffered permanent brain damage from exposure.[1]
  • He developed a heroin addiction that continued until shortly before the events in Moon Over Soho. Allegedly, this addiction might have been connected to his exposure to Simone.[1]

Later Life Edit

Because of his heroine addiction, he is said to have "lost his lip", disabling him to further play the trumpet.[1] Instead, he takes up playing keyboard until Peter pays for him getting his teeth fixed with the help of a Kickstarter campaign and his, Peters, own savings. Subsequently, Richard starts playing the trumpet again.[3]

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