Sahra Guleed is a female Police Constable and a member of the Murder Investigation Team working under DCI Alexander Seawoll and Miriam Stephanopoulos. She shares a desk with Peter Grant at Belgravia station and has assisted on multiple 'Falcon' cases.

She claims to have joined the police after a bet with her sister.[1]

Personality Edit

Sahra emigrated from Somalia to the United Kingdom sometime during her childhood or teenage years. She has a strong sense of justice and tenacity in regard to her police work.

She appears to observe Muslim religious code. She keeps halal and wears a hijab with her uniform and plain clothes. She and Peter share the inside joke 'Practical and modest' in reference to some alternative head coverings she has used in the line of duty.[1][2]  She has referred to herself jokingly as a "Muslim ninja".

Skills Edit

Her 'party trick' is being able to fade into the background and appear sympathetic in almost any situation.[1]

Peter states that after himself and Nightingale, Sahra is the most 'Falcon'-capable police officer in the Metropolitan Police.[1]

In October 2014, she began oriental swordmanship training under Michael Cheung. The training must include magical elements, since Peter detects her signare, “ripping silk”, when she fights.[3]

Police Work Edit

Sahra Guleed has experience using an extendable baton and pepper spray.[1]

She was one of the police officers who assisted during the raid on the Brewer Street "Strip Club of Doctor Moreau".[4] During the investigation of the murder of James Gallagher, she was the Family Liasion Officer (FLO).[2] She was grazed by a shot from the second team of the Virgins in the stairwell of One Hyde Park.[1]


Guled recalls that her childhood home in Somalia had marble floors, servants, and a green Mercedes.[1] She and her family fled from Somalia to the UK for an unknown reason.

Her father is a former member of the Somali secret police, as evidenced by Lady Ty calling her 'The secret policeman's daughter.'[1]

Her brother is an accountant. He bought her the Ushanka hat she wears briefly during Whispers Under Ground.[5]


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