This is the History of (important dates and events) the of British Magic, not a list of Folly/Falcon related crimes.

  • 16th Century - Dr John Dee investigates magic.[1]
  • 17th Century - Sir Isaac Newton codifies the principles of magic.[2]
  • Early 18th Century - Caroline of Ansbach gathers intellectuals and scientists at her court.[3]
  • 1725 - 'Society of Practitioners' disbanded.
  • 1725-1775 - The 'Folly on the Thames', a coffee shop moored in front of Somerset House used as a meeting place for practitioners.[4]
  • 1775 - The Folly is established.[5]
  • Late 18th Century - Elizabeth Montagu holds salons, and she and her Blue Stocking friends start La Société de la Rose.[6]
  • 19th of January 1945 - The Battle of Ettersberg.[7]
  • Middle of the 1960s - An unexplained, slow but steady increase of magical activity.[8]


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