The Metropolitan Police Service of London.

Noteable members of the Metropolitan Police ServiceEdit

For members of the Folly see British Wizards and Witches.

David Carey Edit

DC David Carey is a member of the Murder Team and assists with the investigation into the murder of James Gallagher as a family liaison officer. He is plump and sandy-haired.[1]

Maureen Duffy Edit

Maureen Duffy is a Detective Chief Inspector and head of the Bromley Murder Team. She is a slim white woman with a long nose, and hails from Fife. She drives a Mercedes E Class soft top convertible.[2]

Sahra Guleed Edit

A DC, Sahra Guleed was first introduced working with the Murder Team on the raid on the Faceless Man's "Strip Club of Dr. Moreau." She is a young woman of Somali descent. She wears a headscarf and refers to herself as a "muslim ninja"[3]. Later, she assists with the investigation into the murder of James Gallagher as a family liaison.[4]

Francis NeblettEdit

A Police Inspector, Neblett is Peter Grant’s shift commander at Charing Cross nick. He has served in the force for thirty years and is described as a stolid man with lank, brown hair and a face that looks as if it had been hit by a shovel.[5]

Phillip Purdy Edit

PC Philip Purdy works out of Charing Cross nick. He has a reputation as a "uniform carrier."[6].

Alexander SeawollEdit

Detective Chief Inspecor (DCI) of the murder team. He is described as a “northern git” - a big man, roughly six feet tall, barrel-chested, beer-bellied, with a voice that could make the windows shake.[7] He presents an intimidating figure but is a clever and effective police officer who seems to be respected by his colleagues.

Miriam StephanopoulosEdit

A Detective Sergeant of police, Miriam Stephanopoulos is the right hand woman of DCI Seawoll. She is described as "squat, angry-faced, and middle-aged," with brown hair.[8] She and her partner have a house in the countryside where they keep chickens.[9]

Richard FolsomEdit

Deputy Assistant Commissioner of police, he is described as “Tyburn’s boy” and has been in the force since 1982.[10][11]

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