Tragical comedy
The Tragical Comedy, or Comical Tragedy, of Punch and Judy
as told to John Payne Collier by Giovanni Piccini in 1827, was the "original" Punch and Judy story that Pulcinella reenacted.[1]

Plot summary Edit

Toby, the dog, bites mr. Punch's nose. Mr. Punch beats Tobys master, Scaramouche, to death. After that Punch returns home, throws his baby out from a window, and kills his wife.

After killing his wife Punch "presses his suit" with Pretty Polly

After falling from his horse, mr. Punch kicks the doctor in the eye, who proceeds to beat Punch with a stick. Punch grabs the stick and beats the doctor to death.

Outside a rich man's house Punch rings a sheep's bell, and when a servant appears Punch kills him.

A blind beggar coughs in Mr. Punch's face, and is thrown of stage. The fate of the beggar is unknown.

After that a constable arrives to arrest Punch for the murder of his wife and son.[2]

How the plot was acted out by Pulcinella Edit

Toby, the dog, bit Brandon Coopertown's nose. In return Mr. Coopertown killed William Skirmish, Toby's owner. A while later Mr. Coopertown killed his infant son and his wife.

Derek Shampwell, a cycle courier, fell of his bike and at the hospital he kicked Dr. Eric Framline in the face. Later D. Framline attacked Mr. Shampwell and hit him with a stick.

A Hare Krishna called Michael Smith sat outside a posh London restaurant. When he started to ring a large bell the doorman of the restaurant, Gurcan Tamiz, complained about the noise. He was beaten to death by Mr. Smith.

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