• Hi, I've just read "Rivers of London" and I've been looking for background information, such as does Ben Aaronovitch have a connection to Sierra Leone or wherever (also used in his "Transit")... answer seems to be, he knows a lot of London people "from" there, .  Now he knows some more.

    What I wanted to raise with you is Ettersberg, and whether Follypedia needs to include that in real life, "Ettersberg" is not a town but a piece of East German woodland territory (Berg = hill, mountain) formerly celebrated by Goethe - that then became the site of the Nazis' Buchenwald concentration camp.  The name means "Beech-tree wood", which they cut down.  No wonder people thought "The Lord of the Rings" was a Second World War novel (which I know is off the point).

    Ben Aaronovitch clearly is bringing this up on purpose; Buchenwald also was a site of evil Nazi "medical" experiments on prisoners, of the sort whose details are censored from modern scientific knowledge because they are evil.  In Peter Grant's world - also mentioned in "Rivers" - suppressed Nazi research includes vampires.  Maybe in the real world as well, although Wikipedia doesn't mention that.

    But evidently Ettersberg "is" Buchenwald with added Mordor, so I'm wondering if that needs to be on the record.  But since I have a distance to catch up in reading these books, it isn't for me to do that, except by sharing this.

    By the way, Grindelwald is a ski resort in Switzerland quite close to the Reichenbach Falls, if that says anything to you.

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