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This represents an attempt to piece together a basic timeline of the series, using mostly information internal in the stories, and the chronology published in the author's blog, cf. a chronology of rivers-of-london books.

  • In The Hanging Tree, a newspaper headline is mentioned, "UKIP TO ROCK WESTMINSTER", which was actually used by The Daily Express at October 9:th, 2014.
  • The Home Crowd Advantage takes place during the London 2012 summer olympics.

These are the only fixed time referents in the books. From these, the following, tentative and inconsistent timeline can be inferred:

  • Rivers of London
    • The exchange of hostages (Beverley and Ash) takes place on June 21st, Midsummer. Presumably 2011?
    • Starts in January.
  • The Home Crowd Advantage
    • Summer 2012
  • Moon over Soho
    • Quote at beginning: "Soho on a hot summer night"
    • Quote at end: "It was a cold miserable day in October"
    • Presumably summer 2013?
  • Whispers Under Ground
    • Quote at beginninhg: "It was one of those dull grey winter days"
    • End said to happen at Christmas.
    • Presumably winter 2013?
  • Broken Homes
    • Presumably spring 2014, but Beverley says to Peter, regarding he has not sent any message during her hostage time, "not one in nine months". Can't be right.
    • Varvara Sidorovna's arrest, referred to in next book as "two months before" (August), must have taken place in June.
  • Foxglove Summer
    • Said to happen in August, presumably 2014. However weather in the UK was good for June and July and terrible in August, starting with thunderstorms on the 2nd and then deteriorating.
  • The Hanging Tree
    • Refers the the events of "Foxglove Summer" as "the previous summer", but it seems a bit much to have more than a year pass?
    • Daily Express headline pinpoints one date at October 9:th, 2014.
    • Peter says of FBI Agent Kimberley Reynolds: "We'd met a couple of years back [...] exchanged may be five emails apiece since then --- mostly at Christmas", but they first met in "Whispers Under Ground", presumably only half a year earlier.

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