Cecelia Tyburn Thames aka TyLady Ty.

Lady Ty, described as “stuck up”, is ambitious, politically minded and manipulative. She seeks power and resents interference in the affairs of the river spirits, especially by human authorities and she is not averse to using her magical power and political influence to achieve her ends. She is however obedient to her mother although it is thought she might have an eye on the throne of Mother Thames for herself.

She has a degree in History and Italian from St. Hilda’s College, Oxford. She lives in Chesterfield Hill, Mayfair, with her civil engineer[1] husband ,George McAllister-Thames,[2] and two children. A eighteen-year-old son called Stephen George McAllister-Thames[3], and a daughter called Olivia Jane McAllister-Thames.[4]

The earlier TyburnEdit

The original spirit (sir William of Tyburn[5]), one of the sons of Father Thames, was killed as a result of the pollution of the Victorian era (during the Great Stink in 1858). Later, as the pollution cleared, the river became inhabited by Lady Ty, one of Mother Thames’s court.[6]

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