Zachary 'Zach' Palmer is a half-human, half-fae. He was the roommate of James Gallagher. He has a prodigious appetite and a loose relationship with the truth. He is willing to trade information about the Demi-monde, such as where the next Nazareth will be held. Zachary has acted as a go-between for the Quiet People, is friends with Stephen and appears to have an unrequited love of Elizabeth.[1]

Having a very direct manner with Lesley[2] didn't stop him becoming her lover. He didn't know that Lesley had sided with the Faceless Man, but is still loyal to her.[3].

Zachary is helping to integrate the Quiet People into society, taking them on pub crawls and introducing them to the latest 50 years of pop music.[4] He is helping Elizabeth establish an above ground nursery for Quiet People children.[5]


  • Zachary's Grandad knew Arthur Conan Doyle.[6]
  • Zachary has a 'knack' with locks..[7]

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